12-я международная конференция IBA по Управлению Юридическими Фирмами
Москва, 7 декабря 2018
12th Annual IBA Law Firm Management Conference
Moscow, 7 December 2018



Stated topics and speakers



Opening Speech

  • Vassily Rudomino, Senior Partner, ALRUD Law Firm, Russia; Member, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Advisory Board


Session 1: Status of the Reform of the legal profession


  • Vassily Rudomino, Senior Partner, ALRUD Law Firm, Russia; Member, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Advisory Board

Session 2: New Products, New Destinations, New Dimensions

We kindly asked several thought leaders to share the most innovative and promising elements of the law firm strategies in a format of very short structured presentations:


  • Alexander Khvoshchinskiy, Senior Expert, LS-Institute, Germany
  • Denis Kachkin, Managing partner, Kachkin & Partners, Russia

How Technology Can Influence Legal Practice?

  • Stephen Denyer, Director of Strategic Relationships, The Law Society of England & Wales, UK
Russian Legal Business Abroad. Prerequisites for consolidation. How to create a new market for yourself?

  • Evgeny Zhilin, Partner, QUORUS GmbH, Switzerland
Why Go Over Two State Borders to Purchase and Lease of a Private Jet?

  • Jan Kaczmarczyk, Partner,  KOLS, Poland 
Establishing an International Desk at a Russian law firm. Case "Korea"

  • Yaroslav Kulik, Partner, ART DE LEX Law Firm, Russia 
New Drivers for Competition Practice

  • Tatiana Kamenskaya, Managing Partner, Kamenskaya & Partners, Russia 
A new vision for a powerful network of law firms based on common understanding of excellence, cooperation and experience

  • Grzegorz E. Woźniak, Partner, Woźniak Legal, Poland
White collar criminal defenсe development. Risks of partnership between business and government in infrastructure projects

  • Daria Konstantinova, Partner, Zabeyda & Partners
Creating a Risk Management & Corporate Crime Investigation service line

  • Aku Sorainen, Senior Partner, Sorainen

Coffee break


Session 3: Who Will Be Our Next Generation of Partners?

How do law firms identify, develop, and promote their “next generation” of leaders? This challenge exists in every law firm; but it is especially critical for “first generation” law firms that want to remain as sustainable business institutions after their founders have retired. Our panelists will share their experiences and observations about managing this transition, as well as its implications for partnership structure, governance, professional development, and financial performance.


  • Vassily Rudomino, Senior Partner, ALRUD Law Firm, Russia; Member, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Advisory Board
  • Norman Clark, Managing Partner, Walker Clark, USA

  • Andrei Dontsov, Partner, White & Case, Russia
  • Andrey Gorodissky, Managing Partner, Andrey Gorodissky & Partners, Russia
  • Gerhard Wegen, Partner, Gleiss Lutz, Germany
  • Valery Zinchenko, Managing Partner, Pen & Paper, Russia




Session 4: Law Firm as an Employer: Managing Reputation in the Markets for Legal Talents

Do law firm leaders really care about what their actual and prospective associates think or feel as much as they care about their reputation within a clients' or potential clients’ community?
What are the key factors in developing and sustaining a leadership reputation among your people?


  • Artem Doudko, Partner, Osborn Clarke, UK
  • Alexander Ermolenko, FBK Legal, Partner, Russia 

  • Vladislav Zabrodin, Capital Legal Services, Managing Partner, Russia
  • Zoya Ilyenka, Abogada, 1961 Abogados y Economistas, Spain
  • Tatiana Goncharova, Managing Partner, LexProf, Russia
  • Alexey Kasatkin, Senior Partner, ZKS, Russia


Coffee break


Session 5: Attorneys Under Attack: Managing the high risks of legal practice in the current legal environment

Federal Сhamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation has announced in the August 2018: “…practicing as an attorney in Russia is quite dangerous. It is difficult to call government policy benevolent when we speak about advocacy. It seems like the government does everything to make advocacy unpopular for practicing lawyers. Cases of illegal intervention into attorney’s activity or hindrance to it count by hundreds and reached thousands per year. On the agenda – taking measures to self-defense of attorneys’ professional rights and legitimate interests of their principals, including the realization of the legal right to strike.” The reasons of such unfavorable conclusions, among the others, are:

-    lack of judicial independence and trial competitiveness, imitating nature of legal proceedings, accusatory bias, discrimination of the defense in courts, violation of the principle of publicity, lack of  law enforcement predictability;

-    violations and abuses against attorneys (murders, beatings, infringement of property) due to their professional activity, including by law enforcement officials, and lack of  the right reaction on the violations and abuses;

-    numerous violations of the attorney’s professional rights: infringements of attorney-client privilege, illegal searches and examinations with the main purpose to exclude an attorney from the process, illegal investigations against attorneys;

-   lack of special standards of responsibility for hindrance of attorney activity.

Counteractions against advocacy and attacks on attorneys are improving in a wide scope of methods. What are the last tendencies?  How attorneys may exist and practice in such difficult and unsafe environment? These questions will be the subject of our professional discussion on the session.


  • Vadim Klyuvgant, PhD, Vice President of the Moscow Bar Association, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Lawyers’ Rights of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers., Partner of Pen&Paper, Attorneys at Law, Russia

  • Sergey Solovyov, Member of the Council of the Moscow Bar Association, Managing Partner of «Soslovie» Law Office, Russia
  • Yuliy Tay, PhD, Member of the Council of the Moscow Bar Association, Managing Partner of «Bartolius» Law Office, Associate Professor at Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations, Russia
  • Denis Puchkov, PhD, Managing partner of Puchkov&Partners Law Office,  Senior Teacher at Ural State Law University, Russia
  • Alexander Ivanov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Moscow Bar Association for the Protection of Lawyers’ Rights, Chairman of «Astrea», Attorneys at Law, Russia 
  • Dmitriy Kravchenko, Head of Practice of «Asnis and partners», Attorneys at Law, Chairman of the Council of young lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association, Russia 


Coffee break


Session 6: New Ideas About Law Firm Financial Performance: How Lawyers Will Make Money in the Future

In times when law firms face the need to make investments and for other reasons - especially for precautionary reasons - may not be able/willing to distribute all the money shown as profits in the relevant financial statements, relevant figures may have to be reassessed. There may also be good reasons to change the composition of law firm balance sheets to show reserves which limit distributions. All these aspects with high relevance for law firm finances will be discussed with leading experts in the field of law firm finances.

The panel is of high relevance for everyone expecting intermediate or year-end distributions from his firm.


  • Hermann Knott, Partner, Andersen Tax & Legal, Germany


How to balance rising client expectations and falling fees?

  • Oxana Balayan, Managing partner, Hogan Lovells (CIS), Russia 
Should law firms adopt an "Amazon" model?

  • Speaker to be confirmed 
How to avoid wasting money on technology?

  • Dmitry Grits, Managing Partner, Grits and partners, Russia 





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