11-я международная конференция IBA по Управлению Юридическими Фирмами
Москва, 1 декабря 2017
11th Annual IBA Law Firm Management Conference
Moscow, 1 December 2017



Stated topics and speakers


09:15 - 09:20

Opening Speech

Martin Solc, President of the International Bar Association (IBA), Founding Partner, Kocián Šolc Balaštík, Czech Republic

Opening speeches

Brief information statement on the status of preparing the Professional legal aid market regulatory framework: 

  • Yury Pilipenko, Senior Partner, Law Firm YUST, President of the Federal Chamber of lawyers of Russian Federation, Russia


Plenary Session:

Are national law firms getting a bigger piece of a pie in the region?

Since 2014, the Russian legal services market has suffered significant changes, under the influence of a variety of external factors.

On the one hand, the geopolitical crisis, the economic crisis and subsequent recession, reducing international activity, sanctions and counter-sanctions resulted in office closures by several foreign law firms, severe downsizing of foreign firms, and a reduction in foreign legal practitioners in Russia.

On the other hand, there has been a sizeable growth of some Russian firms and an increase in their number, including those established by foreign firms’ natives. The proportion of national firms, that enhance their positions in global ratings and notably approach the level of the largest ILF (International Law Firms) in terms of their functionality and services, tends to grow.

At the plenary session, the managing partners of  Russian and international firms will share their vision and attitude to what is going on in the market.

The participants will assess if the said developments have a long-term impact on the market, whether it is true to say that Russian law firms haPve been able to expand their market presence in recent years, what the Russian market is going to be in several years, what we should expect in the near future, what new challenges and risks may arise.


  • Vassily Rudomino, Senior Partner, ALRUD Law Firm, Moscow; IBA Council Member, Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, Russia
  • Norman Clark, Managing Partner, Walker Clark, USA

  • Sergei Voitishkin, Managing Partner, Baker & McKeznie CIS, Russia
  • Vladislav Zabrodin, Managing Partner, Capital Legal Services, Russia 
  • Saniya Perzadayeva, Managing partner, Unicase, Kazakhstan
  • Valery Zinchenko, Managing Partner, Pen & Paper, Russia
  • Yury Pugach, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland, Russia
  • Irina Narysheva, Partner, KPMG, Russia


Coffee break


Parallel Sessions

Session 2.1

 Panel Discussion

How to remain valuable, while the market  forces to become efficient and cheaper?

Budget pressure from the client side forms an important challenge in the modern legal markets. However, the law firms partners do wish  that legal services of a high value  should be rewarded in accordance with the fair expectations. Is there still a chance to deliver high value services for a fair price? We intend to share the thoughts of those who believe that they still can do it.


  • Dr. Hermann Knott, Attorney-at-Law (Germany and New York) / Partner, Andersen Tax & LegalGermany
  • Tatiana Kamenskaya, Managing Partner, Kamenskaya &PartnersRussia


  • Alexander Zabeyda, Managing Partner, Zabeyda & partners, Russia
  • Igor Gerber, Moscow office managing partner, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Russia
  • Andrey Dontsov, Partner, White & Case, Russia

 Session 2.2

 Round Tables – World Café

How to Provide a Motivating Environment for Associates?

Training and motivating associates is both important and critical to the law firm so what can be done to assure predictable and satisfactory results? What will make associates happy-satisfied and how can one best achieve those results?  This session with three round table discussions will analyze strategies to maximize associate satisfaction, analyzing (among other possible considerations) the hiring process, the orientation process, work assignments, mentoring and how pay can be determinative.

Working together with the audience in a format of World Café, we will develop practical responses to some of the critical issues and current challenges of working with associates by discussing the following topics:

  • What are the factors of happiness in legal profession? How can we define these aspects, measure how significant they are, and prioritize them to work on improvement of environment responsiveness.
  • We will ask participants to share their experience within the last 3 years of creating motivating environment for associates: complex motivating programs and single steps, individual and collective work, - and lessons learned.
  • What will be your next steps when you are back home in order to create motivating and supportive atmosphere in your firm?

The Café format will allow the table to discuss these issues and share insights and solutions. Come prepared to share with the table and the rest of the group. 


  • Nataliya Anferova, Partner, Legal Stratagency GmbHGermany
  • Abe J. Schear, Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory, Co-chair of IBA Law Firm Management Committee, USA
Table hosts: 

  • Valikhan Shaikenov, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, AEQUITAS Law FirmRepublic of Kazakhstan
  • Nina Boer, Managing Partner, NB Legal Agency, Russia
  • Zoya Ilyenka, Lawyer, managing the regional department of CIS and Eastern Europe , 1969 Abogados y Economistas, Spain
  • Irina Fast, Managing Partner, Civil Compensations, Russia
  • Sergey Saveliev, Partner, Saveliev, Batanov and Partners, Russia
  • Alexander Ermolenko, Partner, FBK Legal, Ph.D. in Law, Russia
  • Andrey Zelenin, Managing Partner, Lidings, Russia
  • Tatyana Goncharova, Managing partner, LexFrof, Russia 
  • Mojtaba Asgharian, Head of international contracting, Karandish Data Law Firm, Iran




Parallel Sessions

Session 3.1

Panel Discussion

Modern Marketing of Professional  Services:  Consequences for Lawyers

The panelists will finally draw a distinct line between BD, PR and marketing and dive into the hottest marketing trends of the year and how they're applied in legal business. Our speakers will comment on Top 10 marketing campaigns at Russian legal market in 2017 and together with the audience will vote the winner. The audience will get practical insights from lawyers who build workable marketing communications from scratch, as well as from the veterans of the industry utilizing new technologies to impress their clients and peers. 


  • Aku Sorainen, Senior Partner, SORAINEN, Estonia
  • Mikhail Uspenskiy, Partner, KIAP, Russia


  • Yuliy Tay, Managing partner, Bartolius Law  Firm, Russia

  • Glenn Colleeny, Partner, Dentons, Russia

  • Egor Batanov, Managing partner, Saveliev, Batanov & Partners, Russia

  • Irina NikitinaStrategy & Growth Consultant, Bulgaria

Session 3.2

Round Tables – World Café

Abdication and Procrastination: when partners do  not want to manage or lead the firm

This session is for those who suffer, one way or another, from a crisis of motivation, or see their colleagues and partners going through it, or simply put off important decisions and management tasks. Communication in groups of fellow-thinkers in World Café format gives the discussion participants a chance not only to share their own experience, but also to feel the effect of group therapy. In a friendly informal setting, over a cup of coffee or tea we will try to figure out how to brighten and fill with new and fresh meaning the attitude to what is commonly described by a weighty definition of partnership burden. Collective mind will brainstorm the following issues:

  • Motivation crisis in solving management tasks as seen by law firm partners. What does it involve, when and how can it be diagnosed, what should be in focus?

  • How do partners motivate each other and themselves? Can we create “the right environment”, or should we just rest more often? Are there unique recipes capable of motivating us to bear partnership burden not only proudly, but with joy, and carry along our fellow-thinkers?

  • What one should do when simple solutions do not work? A sabbatical, skydiving (with or without a parachute?!), plunging into the depths of the sea or one’s self… How can one recognize the signs of an impending crisis in law firm partners and help the colleagues to overcome it at an early stage? 


  • Stephen Denyer, Director of Strategic Relationships,  The Law Society of England & Wales, UK
  • Denis Kachkin, Managing Partner, Kachkin & Partners, Russia

Table hosts:

  • Inna Vavilova, Managing Partner, Prime Advice Consulting Group, Russia
  • Oya Deniz Kavame, Founding Partner, "Kavame law firm", Turkey
  • Maxim Burman, Psychologist for lawyers, Russia
  • Dmitriy Samigullin, Managing partner, RBL Law Office | GRATA International, Russia
  • Julia Kurilo, Partner, Law Association "SK Group", Ukraine
  • Nina Boer, Managing Partner, NB Legal Agency, Russia
  • Dmitry Dontsov, Managing Partner, “Dmitry Dontsov & Partners”, Russia
  • Andrey Sychev, Managing Partner, "Volga Legal", Russia
  • Dmitry Zipunnikov, Managing Partner, Consul & Rubicon, Russia


Coffee break


Session 4.

Panel Discussion

What makes a Good Management Decision?

The management quality in our firms depends on the quality of the decisions we have to make. What can we do to secure that our strategic and operational decisions better fit to our business goals by its making and its implementation?

The panel discussion shall address the following issues:

  • How and if we actually assess the quality of our management decisions
  • Management decision cycle - identifying the needs, preparation, making process, implementation, control, analysis: what can we do better?
  • Decision making style – what works best to your experience – commanding, consensus, consulting, delegate? What are the limits and benefits? Differences in Russian firms vs. International firms?
  • Ethics and decision making - how much is decision making at your firm linked back to values of the organization
  • What can hamper efficient / good management decisions?
  • Practical examples of good and bad decisions


  • Alexander Khvoshchinskiy, Expert, LS Institute, Germany
  • Klaus Pfeifer, Head of Legal Russia/CIS, Thomson Reuters Moscow, Russia


  • Dmitri Nikiforov, Managing Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton, Russia
  • Vasilisa Strizh, Managing Partner, Moscow Office, Morgan Lewis, Russia
  • Dima Gadomsky, CEO Axon Partners, Ukraine
  • Alexei Kasatkin, Atorney-at-Law, Senior partner, ZKS, Russia
  • Jan Kohout, Partner,  PRK Partners, Czech Republic






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Supported by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers and the St. Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers