Guidelines for participation in Conference and preparation of presentations

Organizers follow standard international rules of professional events holding based on the following principles:

1.    The Planing committee is the governing body of this conference. 

2.    No presentation in the Conference is sold out unless it is indicated as a sponsor presentation;

3.    All decisions concerning presentations are made by Organizing Committee that unites active participants of previous forums;

4.    In order to guarantee high quality of presentations Organizing Committee always gives preference to those candidates that were recommended by their colleagues as opposed to nomination of oneself;

5.    Only written applications are considered by Organizing Committee (see below).

Every participant of the Conference, in accordance with the Standard Terms, has a right to present by November 22, 2021 (not later than 18.00 Moscow time (GMT+3)), a written summary/thesis of her/his statement concerning any specific Session within the Program. Your statement will be regarded by the Conference Administrator, forwarded to the Session moderator(s) and published for attention of all Conference participants on the conference web pages.

All Conference panelists should present their personal profiles to be published with Сonference materials.